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I like too many geeky manga things that I want to tell my friends, but I'm too afraid to admit to the world. Therefore, I will blog it here.

I read shoujo manga. I only like shoujo manga. I do not like anime or live action movies of my favorite mangas. Thank you for understanding my obsession with fictional characters<3
~ Friday, May 24 ~

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not a Zeki shipper, as much as I’m a Zero+Happiness shipper. This ending satisfies me perfectly because Zero is ultimately happy. Idgaf how Yuki feels ugh.

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This thought crossed my mind, and then, I died… Anyone else in on it?

Yeah, pretty sure they’re twins. Kaname is a metaphorical father to them. Also, many mangas portray a twin calling the other (who was born first) older brother/sister.

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In the future and in the past, a unique connection exists for all eternity…

Such a poetic ending. Love it.

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The Vampire Knight Fandom is in need of hugs, thank you.

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This right here. Unless Hino states otherwise. You can’t claim that the art style makes her look more like Kaname… because frankly, all the girls in the manga have those big eyes XD


Both of those kids are Zeki’s.

In the accurate translation, the daughter refers to Kaname as “our other father” (not my), referring collectively to both she and her brother.

They are not his biologically, but they are still in his care, and Kaname is now a father to them, regardless.

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Wait, guys, where did it say the girl was Kaname’s baby?

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Thoughts on the Vampire Knight ending

Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

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~ Monday, May 20 ~

everyday i wish my life were a shoujo manga

i’d wake up, realize i slept too late, grab a piece of toast with my mouth as i run out the door and run to school

i crash into a nicely uniformed guy

who i realize has the same uniform of my school

but he’s new

and hot

and from here it could go down two paths

i’m freaking gorgeous, but i either think i’m too ugly or dumb so i haven’t had a boyfriend all my life yet

anyway 2 paths

actually 3

either the new guy is brooding and has a dark past

or he’s princely and kind and basically perfect

or he’s pervy and mean and when we crash into each other, he sees my underwear and he never fails to make fun of me for it in the next 60 chapters

so i a) help this guy face his past and become a new, free soul

b) basically beat the other bitches off who want him and prove that i’m the super heroine

c) turn this guy into my enemy and somehow through our horrible relationship, we come to deeply love each other. eventually, he shows me his sweet sides and passionately confesses his love for me

in which i realize that all the views i held of him were wrong and that he is the love of my life


there’s more

there’s the best friend of the guy who’s sweet and kind and who’s in love with you

your own best friend who probably falls in love with the guy you like

and the guy’s mom who’s a total bitch and wants you out of her perfect son’s life

and then someone gets hit by a car

either i get hit by the car or the guy gets hit by the car defending me because i’m a total klutz or i was having some sort of emotional breakdown

either i lose my memory or the guy loses his memory

and i/he recover(s) memory with our passionate love for each other that crosses all boundaries and destinies

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~ Thursday, May 2 ~

Tears are just flowing with Gakuen Alice. It’s a freaking stuffed bear, but I’m bawling my eyes out.

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